In their first common performance Caye and Wittig focus on different realities and their perception. The personal realities of their defined, real rooms/spaces in Paris, Brussels and Chemnitz, Berlin will be transformed during the performance into a poetic and also playful world made of images, fragments, films, sounds, texts and objects. The rooms/spaces are defined: There are "things" which surround them in their rooms/spaces, like a chair, bed. These "things" will be archived in a specific previously defined framework. By establishing this specific framework two different cultures (France, Germany, Belgian) will be confronted with each other and also current affairs in politics and economy, which will be randomly selected by the two performance artists. More general problems and objects encounter philosophical questions and problems. The idea for this performance is based on the book Voyage around my room, written by Xavier de Maistre. The objective to develop a sensitivity for the smallest item, a kind of sensitivity, which is conscious seeing and not just recognizing...this should be the main objective of art according the writer. That is what the "Rooms traveller" is about: Commonly known rooms/spaces shall be alienated, to be discovered by a specifically trained view of an ethnologist and to be newly discovered, as if was a room to be seen the very first time. It is about a very specific and also special way of travelling...not about travelling by passing the time in order to leave distance behind you but about moving with your mind without actually having to leave any distance behind you...By simply reducing velocity to almost zero someone` s mind is allowed to explore the world around him/her in detail discovering new worlds...just a glimpse away...Obviously, it is the antithesis to our current times where speed is everything...but it is not a simple obvious anti-thesis since it requests discipline from the "mind-traveller"....a discipline which almost got lost.