Christiane Wittig

Schnee ist weiss - CloseUp Schnee ist weiss


Christiane Wittig

Born into a mechanical IT-orientated environment, but very much aware of the traditional roots and ideas of different art genres, Christiane Wittig actually succeeded in using the contemporary means like computer, photo and camera, to translate a thorough aesthetic understanding of complex philosophical and metaphysical issues into highly sophisticated art objects.

Some of the interactive installations, Christiane Wittig has produced until now, centred on the theme of the body and technology including the concepts of preservation, endurance and fragility.

One example: The “Pustebox” = “Breathing box”
“…The work is a subtle reminder of the fragility of our own existence, the oxygen, which keeps us alive, and the carbon monoxide, which constantly shifts the world around us. Christiane Wittig often integrates screen media into found objects, cleverly charging them with paradoxical informations. In her “Pustebox” it is the very breath of the viewer which, when blown into the box, stimulates and distorts the image. However, it is the image of the viewer’s own face which, like narcissus, appears and disappears with the wind from the viewer’s mouth.”

Other installations express the interactive relation between the individual creature and its perpetual continuously changing daily context of living (like her installation “Schnee ist weiss” = “Snow is white”). Christiane Wittig´s foremost talent exists in her capacity not to fall into the trap of an artificial artistic interpretation, but to express an authentic humanistic orientated interpretation of today and tomorrow.